Defensive Custom 1, Swindler 1
Exp: 1880
Height: 4’11"
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair: Blonde

DEX 16
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 18

HP: 18
Move: 30
Defense: 16
Coins: 330 (3 ncr)
Reputation: Brahmin Wood Tribe (5%), Chicago (7%), Chicago Police (1%), Blackhawks (4%), Blues Bros (3%), Slavers (-3%), Bullmen (-3%), Powder Gangers (-4%)

Initiative: 9

BAB/Grapple: 1/-2

Punch: -2, 1d3-3, x2
.22 Hideout: +4, 2d4, x2, 20ft RI, -1 Size for concealing, Concealed Carry Holster

Saves: (F/R/W)

Background: Urban Survivor ( +4 Survival (urban) checks)
Traits: Beautiful ( +1 CHA, +3% Fame, Envy); Extreme Personality ( +1 Cha, double Infamy)
Occupation: Dilettante (Diplomacy, Intimidate as class skills; +5% fame)

Class Skills: Barter, Bluff*, Diplomacy, Disguise*, Escape Artist, Forgery, Gamble*, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge (civics, street, underworld, theology, philosophy), Perform, Profession (prostitute), Research, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Tumble
( * denotes a tagged skill)

Skills: 56/56
Barter 9 [5 +4]; Bluff* 11 [7 +4]; Diplomacy 10 [6 +4]; Disguise* 8 [4 +4]; Gamble* 13 [7 +4 +2]; Gather Information 7 [3 +4]; Intimidate 7 [3 +4]; Knowledge(civics) 8 [4 +2 +2]; Knowledge(street) 8 [4 +2 +2]; Perception 1 [0 +1]; Profession(prostitute) 5 [4 +1]; Sense Motive 6 [5 +1]; Sleight of Hand 6 [3 +3]; Stealth 3 [0 +3]; Tumble 4 [1 +3]

Languages: English (Speak,Read/Write); Chinese (Speak,Read/Write)

Simple Weapon Proficiency
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Point Blank Shot
Improved Initiative
Earlier Sequence

Comfort Object (Hair Ornaments)

Charm (male)

Cheat Fate

Items: 19.68/20 wt
.22 Hideout (Clip 5/5) (wt 1); .22 bullets (18) (wt .45); Deck of Cards (wt .25); Foldable Police Baton (wt 1); Healing Salve (wt 1); Steel Handcuffs (wt 1); Flashlight (wt 2); Cloths (wt 0/2); Coat (wt 0/2); Parka (wt 0/3); Hair Ornaments (+2 diplo tribals); Duct Tape (70ft) (wt 1); Water Skin (wt 4); Nuka Cola (11) (wt 5.5); Flatbread (3.5) (wt 1.5); Backpack (wt 0/5)


Eir was introduced to the world in the Brahmin Wood tribe during the year 2228, in the month of April. For the first few years of her life she was raised with her tribal community, learning their ways and customs as many had before her.

Not more then eight years after her birth, she and a group of her friends had gone out to see what they could find for resources when they were captured by a group of raiders that had recently found their way into the area. They were promptly sold to a private owner. The man did not seem bad for some time, having them work around the house and giving them all some basic education. As a few years passed though, his ulterior motives shown through. After one of the older girls was sexually abused, they collectively decided that they needed to get away. The girls formulated and executed a plan of escape, which went rather well during the early stages. They all made it out of the house and into the wilderness, underestimating the dangers that plagued the area. Only two of the five girls survived the ordeal, leaving Eir and her remaining friend distraught as they arrived in an unfamiliar part of Chicago.

After some roaming, they met a woman who agreed to provide them with a place to stay for a while after hearing their story. They arrived at the woman’s brothel, where they would be for some years to come. For the earlier years, they were taught the intricacies of social interaction and given some education on the area, some of the policies of prominent groups in the area, and general street smarts. After growing of age, the brothel madam began showing them the trade.

After an awkward time adjusting to the lifestyle, the two eventually succeeded in entering the business. Eir and her friend began meeting many more people, and started going out and about more often. Eir learned she had a knack for gambling, which she used to her advantage to bring in some extra income. All in all, they led fairly decent lives for survivors in the waste.

Eir became increasingly popular with clients as her appearance developed, leaving her to be quite an attractive young woman. This prompted a few of her fellow working girls known for their superiority complex to view her with disdain. Envious of her natural gifts, the girls attempted to make her life difficult, often through cruel jokes on her and those associated with her. After some time the brothel madam caught wind of this, and punished the offenders with swift, sweet justice.

Eir began using her earnings to further educate herself, even practicing the art of making disguises. She became quite proficient as such, and soon was able to walk around town anonymously when she felt like being left alone.

In due time she began to develop some regular clients, one of which being a deputy in the local police force. She eventually asked him to help teach her some self defense, and taught her how to use a pistol. It did not take her long to pick up on the operation of firearms, and in time she became a fairly decent shot.

Eir never became any less popular with clients, and she would often be invited to social events by her various customers. Initially she tended to decline them, preferring to spend her off time with her surviving friend relaxing. After enough pestering, she finally started to attend a few of the events, generally getting permission to bring her friend along as well. They met a number of people they knew, most of them being past clients or patrons of the brothel, along with various unfamiliar faces. Eir’s appearance continued to get her into small confrontations here and there with the women who didn’t like the attention she would draw from those around her.

As time continued to pass, Eir continued to pick up regular clients. She eventually picked up a second regular client of note. She has a few regular clients, but save for the deputy, the only other client with a name for themselves happened to be a Lieutenant from one of the local gangs. He taught her the importance of taking the initiative in a fight, and how getting in the first shot can start a confrontation in your favor.

To the present day, Eir has continued doing as needed to survive. She leaves off going for a routine walk through town in her disguise to see what kinds of games she can find for a few quick caps.


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