Ilyana Moonflower


Class: Druid (6)
Race: Human, F

STR 12
DEX 14
CON 16
INT 14
WIS 20
CHA 16

HP: 63
AC: 20 (10+6+2+2) 12 Touch, 18 FF
Move: 30
Init: 6

Saves: F/R/W
9 (5 +3 +1) ( +1 vs spell/spell-like)
5 (2 +2 +1) ( +1 vs spell/spell-like)
13 (5 +5 +3) ( +1 vs spell/spell-like)

BAB: 5
Grapple: 6

Club, +6, 1d6 +1
Sling, +7, 1d4 +1
Sling Bullets (10)

Skills: 76
Concentration 13 (10 +3), Diplomacy 9 (4 +3 +2), Handle Animal 12 (7 +3 +2), Heal 14 (7 +5 +2), Knowledge(nature) 16 (10 +2 +4), Perception 11 (6 +5), Perform(Sing) 14 (7 +3 +4), Profession(Cook) 10 (3 +5 +2), Ride 9 (5 +2 +2), Spellcraft 8 (6 +2), Survival 14 (7 +5 +2), Swim 2 (4 +1 -3)

Nymph’s Kiss, Spell Focus(Conjuration), Iron Will, Improved Initiative, Track, Augment Summoning, Natural Spell

Comfort Object

Languages: Common, Sylvan, Sign, Druidic

-Weapon Proficiency(Club, Dagger, Dart, Natural Attacks, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Sickle, Shortspear, Sling, and Spear)
-Armor Proficiencies(Light and Medium Nonmetal Armors, Nonmetal Shields except Tower)
-Animal Companion
-Nature Sense
-Wild Empathy
-Woodland Stride
-Trackless Step
-Resist Nature’s Lure
-Wildshape (3/day)

Armor: Wyvernhide Breastplate +1, +6 AC, -2 ACP (as Dragonhide)

Shield: MW Heavy Wooden, +2 AC, -1 ACP

Items: 778gp 5sp
Periapt of Wisdom +2, Wilding Clasp (Periapt), Cloak of Resistance +1
Backpack: Dagger, Nature Book (MW Tool), Voice Tuner (MW Tool), Pen (2), Notebooks, Flint and Steel, Healer’s Kit(10/10), Flask of Holy Water, Pint of Oil (4), Empty Flask, Sewing Needle, Fish Hook, Soap, Sunrods (2), Trail Rations (5), Waterskin

Belt Pouch: Quaal’s Feather Token [Tree] (2), Spell Component Pouch, Liquid Smoke, Glass Water Vessel, Scroll of Last Breath (SC), Wand of Lesser Vigor, Wand of Omens (48/50), Potion of Cure Moderate

Saddlebags: Bedroll, Cold Weather Outfit, Entertainer’s Outfit, Explorer’s Outfit, Fishing Net, Iron Pot (MW Tool), Silk Rope 50ft, Trail Rations (5), Traveler’s Outfit (Half), Waterskin

~ Level 0 (6): Detect Magic (2), Read Magic, Guidance, Create Water, Light
~ Level 1 (6): Aspect of the Wolf, Faerie Fire, Entangle, Spider Hand (2), Eyes of the Avoral
~ Level 2 (4): Barkskin, Bull’s Strength, Nature’s Favor, Mass Snake’s Swiftness
~ Level 3 (3): Greater Magic Fang, Alter Fortune, Call Lightning
~ Level 4 (2): Freedom of Movement, Flame Strike

Animal Companion: Shiva
HD: 6d8 +24 (51 HP)
Initiative: Druid
Speed: 50ft
AC: 21 ( +2 Dex, +8 natural, +2 armor, -1 size), touch 11, ff 19
Base Attack/Grapple: +4 / +15
Attack: Bite +11 melee (2d6 +10)
Full Attack: Bite +11 melee (2d6 +10)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Trip (Trip as a free action after bite, +11)
Special Qualities: Low-light vision, scent, Link, Share Spells, Evasion, Devotion
Saves: Fort +9, Ref +6, Will +3
Abilities: Str 24, Dex 15, Con 19, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6
Skills: Perception 4, Perform(Dance) -1, Stealth 0, Survival 3 ( +4 scent tracking)
Feats: Track, Weapon Focus (Bite), Distracting Attack, Improved Natural Weapon(Bite)
Tricks: Combat Riding[Attack, Come, Defend, Down, Guard, Heel], Fetch, Track, Perform
Armor: Leather Barding, +2 AC, -0 ACP
Saddle: Exotic Military ( +2 Ride Checks to stay in Saddle, 75% to remain if KO’d)


Deity: Nature
Height: 147.7cm
Weight: 87lbs
Age: 22
Likes: Nature, Writing, Singing
Dislikes: Wanton destruction of Nature, Speaking, Being called short, Fire Nation

Ilyana was raised by her mother and father, who ran a bakery in the conclave. Enjoying helping around the shop, she picked up cooking skills rather quickly. In due time she began to take on other interests as well, one being a major theme of her guild.

It wasn’t difficult for her to pick up an interest in nature, as thought it was during an age where nature was scarce, the culture of her surroundings thrived off it. Being raised in the Vitu-Ghazi gave her full exposure to nature in its fullest, and with the encouragement of the Conclave Ilyana quickly fell in love with it.

During her time spent learning about nature, Ilyana had met quite a few Dryads. Getting along rather well with one, Ilyana started to visit this dryad regularly. She would listen to the dryad explain how their magic, along with the elves, kept the Vitu-Ghazi alive and how Ravnica was not always dominated by civilization.

Ilyana happened upon twins named Amargein and Aimirgin by chance one evening. Enjoying their company, Ilyana would welcome what turned into regular visits to Selesnya from the two. During her time spent with them, she picked up singing and found she had a knack for it. This continued through the years, and the two were introduced to more and more of the Conclave over time.

At the age of 15, Rakdos sacked the area her home was in. When they entered her home, she let out a scream from their hiding place before being muffled by her parents. It was too late by that time, and though her father and mother attempted to fight back, the Rakdos invaders easily overpowered the two as they weren’t skilled in fighting. Her father was killed in the attack, and Ilyana and her mother were beat and captured. As they were being carried out of the area, a man appeared accomanied by a large brown bear. He observed the invaders for a moment before his form began shifting into that of another bear, only he became larger and much more menacing looking than his companion. As he charged in, a few of the invaders stepped forward in an attempt to stop him but were easily torn apart by massive claws and teeth. The remaining invaders fled, and Ilyana and her mother were led to safety.

Ilyana developed an inherent fear of using her voice afterwards. Due to blaming herself for the death of her father, she was slow to recover from the incident. She developed a deep attachment to a locket given to her by her father, which was set with a fairly expensive jewel. Not forgiving Rakdos for their trespassing, she sought out the druid that had saved her as much for personal reasons as for the good of the whole. The man was reluctant to accept her into the circle of druids at first, but somewhat understood her drive and knew another druid would benefit the Conclave as well.

Surviving the rituals and harsh tests of initiation, Ilyana was accepted into the druidic society where she began to train under her mentor. She got off to a rocky start, taking some time to overcome her fear of speaking in order to cast some spells without hinderance. During her training, she came across a lone wolf pup wandering nearby. Not seeing its pack anywhere nearby, she took it in and began to raise it. The pup would eventually become known as Shiva, and later ends up as Ilyana’s animal companion. When at last she was prepared to stand on her own as a druid, she began to use her new abilities to aid the Conclave. After saving up a sufficient amount of wealth, she had her locket enchanted and fitted with a Wilding Clasp so she would be able to use it after shaping into an animal form in the future.

Throughout her ordeal, she always looked forward to seeing Amargein and Aimirgin when they would visit. They were a couple of the few who she still felt comfortable speaking around, and would still sing when they weren’t in crowded areas at first. After her druid training, she introduced them to Shiva, and the two began to teach Shiva how to dance. Shiva learned how to dance well for a wolf, joining the three in future performances.

Ilyana would also continue to routinely visit Alameda, the dryad she had been close with since childhood. Their relationship eventually progressed past friendship, ending with Ilyana picking up some of the qualities of the fey through her frequent contact with Alameda.

As years passed and Ilyana became more comfortable with singing again, she would occasionally sing for those who enjoyed it. Though one day an unfamiliar wanderer took interest in her performance. After listening to her sing, the wanderer offered her a hand which she accepted as a friendly gesture. That moment, something immediately felt off. An unsettling sensation akin to a mirror shattering in her mind gave way to pain as she recoiled from the stranger’s grasp. The feeling faded quickly, though she never felt quite right afterwards. Alameda also felt something was off when she linked their consciences a few days after it happened. She wasn’t sure exactly why though, so she didn’t pursue it any further for the time being.

As time progressed, Ilyana was eventually nominated to assist an organization called RGMA. She was selected due to her open-mindedness to some other guilds, likely as a result of her friendship with Amar and Aimi, as well as her abilities. Though she was originally on the fence about the decision, as it wasn’t guaranteed her actions as a part of this organization would aid the Conclave, she felt a sudden desire to accept that she wasn’t able to resist.

Ilyana Moonflower

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